Great News! – Your photos are now online. Here's what to do next!


2) ENTER YEARBOOK GALLERIES: Click on the icon "Senior Yearbook Photo galleries"
3) LOCATE AND VIEW YOUR PHOTO GALLERY: Click on the gallery with your name and enter the password from your email.
4) HOW TO SELECT YOUR YEARBOOK POSE: Click on the "Graduation Cap" icon graduation_cap_tinygraduation_cap_tiny at the top of your favorite photo to select it for your official yearbook pose. You will be prompted to register so we know your selection is legitimate. You must use your Althoff email address. You may only select one photo for the yearbook.

In thumbnail view the cap is visible when you hover your mouse over the photo: YB_Pose_Cap_ThumbnailYB_Pose_Cap_Thumbnail In the expanded image view the cap is located above the image: YB_Pose_Cap_Top_Of_ImageYB_Pose_Cap_Top_Of_Image

CHANGING YOUR YEARBOOK SELECTION: You can change your selection by clicking the graduation cap icon on a different photo. However, after October 1st all selections are final and turned into the yearbook dept. Please select your yearbook photo at your earliest convenience.

YEARBOOK CROPPING: All yearbook photos will be cropped to head and shoulders. Any photo you select that is farther way will be cropped in to meet the yearbook specs.  

SHOPPING CART: Photo prints and digital images for download are easily purchased online with the integrated shopping cart. All photo orders are professionally printed and shipped directly to you. Our new system allows faster delivery times and instant digital downloads. Select "VISIT SHOP" for more options such as metallic prints and canvas wraps.

FACIAL RETOUCHING: Facial retouching is available to remove acne and other facial blemishes. The cost is $10 and available as an add-on when checking out from the shopping cart. If you want facial retouching done for a yearbook photo that you are not purchasing prints from please contact me to make alternative payment arrangements.

Questions? Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with: CONTACT

Michael Marquis, Photographer